The only dryer in the world that really respects the hair health thanks to its new patented system PULSED HOT AIR SYSTEM.
The only one with: completely adjustable speed, pressure and heat.
50% more of pressure than the best competitor.
Air temperature : from 30 to 160 degrees as a traditional home hair dryer .
Ideal tool for many technical hair styles . Completely jointed handle at 360 degrees.
Equipped with latest generation High performance motor
With microprocessor that optimizes the energy consumption
ECO FRIENDLY Technology Less CO2 emissions and additional energy savings.
With Soft-Start-System : does not cause peaks of consumption at the start.


 Home-Pet is  ideal for professional grooming, breeders . The power never been so gentle  so powerful to be the ideal on the fur,  so gentle to be the ideal
also on the whole family hair.
Designed to dry the hair without damage it
Saves the drying time.  The  dryer-blower with great  Air Power and 50% more pressure than the best competitor.  Air Speed : 200 km/h     Air temperature : from 30 to 160 degrees (as a traditional home hair dryer)

easy to use

Reduces the drying times.
PULSED HOT AIR SYSTEM for the maximum skin care: Alternating Cold And Hot Air For Not Stress the hair and skin Parts.
Portable and lightweight. Use it anywhere .
Both adjustable speed and temperature.
Adjustable for an ideal drying . Setted at minimum it is silent, at maximum it is powerfull.  It  combines the maximum comfort with best performance.  It Can be a gentle hot air dryer and  the most powerful.

very safe

Class 2 double electrical insulation
it no need  earth cable.
With No Electrified Push Buttons.
Cooling system with Double-shell for a better cooling. Easy to use anywhere. You can use it with Generator Unit.
A Professional Tool With An Household Appliance Safety.  Plastic material: The Metal Tools  May Transmit  Electric Shocks.

eco friendly

Ultimate Technology. Great In Each Detail.
Equipped with latest generation High efficiency motor Rapid to dry .
With  Soft Start System To Eliminate The Peak Of Consumption At The Start.
With Internal Computer To Menage The
 Powerful Motor And The Heat
To Optimize The Consumptions
And Reduce The Co2 Emission

video mod. home-pet dryer